An exploration of enhancing interaction design in visual analytics systems with evaluation studies

Yinghuan Peng, Purdue University


This paper introduces a new comparative approach to access, evaluate, and enhance information interaction design in visual analytics (VA) systems. Based on the insights and ideas gathered from design thinking at the beginning, I started to redesign systems from comparing and filtering. This study focuses on the information interaction design of systems, through the integration of design principles from information design, interaction design, and sensorial design. We compare VA systems at the component level, and we look for reasonable and effective design solutions. The systems we compare are submissions from the VAST 2011 Mini Challenge 1. Each submitted system has its own creative design solution for one design problem. With these systems, I conducted a series of user studies in order to better understand the advantages and disadvantages of each feature or the overall system, and then to permit the improvement of one VA system through the synthesis of new helpful features and the removal of redundant features. Then, in a second round of study, the effectiveness of the new approach is tested to permit a comparison of the original systems and the enhanced new system




Qian, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Design|Information Technology

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