Accelerometer based inertial measurement units

Priyank Gullipalli, Purdue University


We examine the properties of accelerometer based inertial measurement units (A-IMU) and perform analysis for the special case of a unit with four 3-axis accelerometers. We first derive the robust congurations of the sensors to minimize propagation of fabrication errors into sensing system performance, both in the worst case and on average. We show the conditions under which all sensor biases can be estimated in real-time and calibrated out—these include the biases intrinsic to the sensor, and errors arising from relative positioning and the orientation. We then derive the perturbations that can be given to the A-IMU to solve the problem of self calibration. We derive the dead reckoning error of this IMU as a function of time for a combination of sensor noise and quantization error.^




Kartik Ariyur, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Engineering, Aerospace|Engineering, Mechanical

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