An improved diagnostic mass consistent model for wind field construction

Yanlei Liu, Purdue University


The main purpose of this work is to develop a three dimensional diagnostic mass consistent finite element model for constructing wind fields. A detailed knowledge of the three dimensional wind fields is important for wind energy assessment. However, it is always limited due to sparse observations, particularly in complex terrain. In this work, an improved finite element diagnostic model is developed to generate the three dimensional wind field based on the sparse observation to give the retrospective wind analysis for wind potential development. This finite element diagnostic model has the ability to handle the three dimensional complex effects, such as influence of the local topography, stability of the atmospheric layer and roughness of the ground. Numerical examples are given for generating the wind field for the Nellis Dunes region in Nevada using the improved diagnostic mass-consistent model.




Wang, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Alternative Energy|Mechanical engineering|Energy

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