Applying problem space visualization and 4C/ID to teaching show control system design

Richard M Dionne, Purdue University


Understanding show control systems requires integrating a variety of complex component skills and knowledge domains, including but not limited to control and networking protocols, wiring schemes, programming techniques, and safety considerations as well as an ability to understand and visualize the needs of a particular production/installation and the desires of a particular artistic/design team. Utilizing a constructivist approach to developing a course in show control demonstrates positive results in preparing students to apply their knowledge in practical situations. This study applies the 4C/ID instructional design model of Jeroen van Merriënboer and the problem space concepts introduced by David Jonassen to a course in show control systems, and through examinations, projects, and course evaluations, assesses the course design's efficacy in bringing learners to a demonstrable level of competence in understanding show control systems.




Thomas, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Instructional Design|Pedagogy|Theater

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