Analysis and characterization of graphene-on-substrate devices

Dionisis Berdebes, Purdue University


The purpose of this MS Thesis is the analysis and characterization of graphene on substrate structures prepared at the Birck Nanotechnology Center-Purdue University/IBM Watson Research Center-N.Y., and characterized under low-field transport conditions. First, a literature survey is conducted, both in theoretical and experimental work on graphene transport phenomena, and the open issues are reported. Next, the theory of low-field transport in graphene is reviewed within a Landauer framework. Experimental results of back-gated graphene-on-substrate devices, prepared by the Appenzeller group, are then presented, followed by an extraction of an energy/temperature dependent backscattering mean free path as the main characterization parameter. A key conclusion is the critical role of contacts in two-probe measurements. In this framework, a non-self-consistent Non Equilibrium Green's Function method is employed for the calculation of the odd and even metal-graphene ballistic interfacial resistance. A good agreement with the relevant experimental work is observed.




Lundstrom, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Electrical engineering|Nanotechnology

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