Long Term Security Auditing of Large Venues

Alissa Katherine Gilbert, Purdue University


This research investigates the process of security auditing for large venues. For this study, one large venue was examined over a period of two years for security concerns and procedural handling of security threats. Responsible parties for large venues include the venue’s owners operators, local business, and government which share in the responsibility of keeping the venue safe. This research was conducted using a group of volunteers who made observations about the venue during live events which were reported and measured using a tool called Qualtrics. Qualtrics functioned as a real-time data gathering tool while observers were given feedback about what they should be looking for at the venue. After this study was conducted, it was found that large venues have specific security concerns in contrast to traditional offices or businesses and that these venues should have improvement planning in place to continuously adapt to security threats.




Dietz, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Law enforcement|Information Technology|Public administration

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