Advances in Hetero- and Homogeneous Catalysts for Organic Transformations

Colby M Adolph, Purdue University


This dissertation encompasses studies and results carried out with the goal in mind of elucidating unknown reactivity of known catalysts and known reactivity with unknown catalysts. More specifically, this dissertation demonstrates the synthetic utility of a heterogeneous photocatalyst TiO2, most commonly used for its harshly oxidizing properties in water and air purification, and this dissertation also introduces trimetallic carbonyl clusters of the napthyridine diimine ligand series as carbonylation reagents annulling the use of toxic CO gas. The goal of the works described herein is to bridge interdisciplinary gaps; heterogeneous materials and elegant organic synthesis, and to expand the general knowledge of long-standing fields; controlled synthesis of low atom-number clusters, carbonylating organic compounds with carbonyl-containing organometallic catalysts under mild temperature and pressure and without CO gas.




Uyeda, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Organic chemistry|Inorganic chemistry

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