An Eye-tracking Study of User Behavior on Reading Scrolling Text

Wenjie Wu, Purdue University


This study investigated the effect of parallax scrolling on users’ reading and scrolling behavior in text-heavy websites. We designed several text-heavy webpages and applied parallax scrolling effect. Twenty-five students participated in this study and were assigned to two groups to read websites with or without parallax scrolling effect in different sequences. We used eye-tracking, retrospective think aloud, and interview to collect data. Results showed that people have distinctly different scrolling habits and reading habits which have a huge influence on how they perceive parallax effect. People who prefer to scroll down a little and read a few lines of text were more likely to be blind to parallax effect. Also, parallax scrolling will affect how people scroll and read a website. When there is parallax effect, some people will scroll faster, stop more sharply, and stop for a longer time.




Chen, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Behavioral Sciences|Computer science

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