Nurses’ Knowledge and Perceptions of Drug Library Updates on the Smart Infusion Pumps in Hospitals

Jee Eun Hong, Purdue University


Technology has been integrated with healthcare to improve patient safety by preventing potential errors and increasing the efficiency of end-users’ workflow. Even though these technologies are great and very useful and decrease errors, they are not perfect and there is still room for error. Smart infusion pumps are an example of a medical device that has helped in enhancing patient safety with medication administration. Within the research conducted, problems have identified with the smart infusion pump usage relating to the workflow of the frontline users. These problems led to version lags on the drug library within the smart infusion pumps which can potentially pose risks to a patients’ safety. To identify and analyze the problem, a qualitative study was conducted using a survey and a focus group. The data collected from the survey gave insight to identify a gap between the end-users’ knowledge about smart infusion pumps and their opinions regarding the drug library update. The focus group provided more specific information about the barriers that frontline users experienced concerning the current workflow of the smart infusion pumps and the update process.




Yih, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Industrial engineering|Health care management|Public health|Physiology

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