The Design and Implementation of Mobile Deluge on Android Platform for Wireless Sensor Network Reprogramming

MD Omor Faruk, Purdue University


Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) is being used in various applications including environmental monitoring, site inspection and military. WSN is a distributed network of sensor devices that can be used to monitor temperature, humidity, light and other important metrics. The software that runs on the sensor devices define how the device should operate. In real world WSN deployment, device software update is required to maintain optimal operation. In this thesis, we propose a novel idea of updating the software of the sensor nodes using a mobile device running on Android Operating System. Our implementation builds upon Mobile Deluge with few enhancement which is a method of re-programming WSN with laptop computer. We have evaluated our application performance by lab experiments and in real world deployments of WSN and found the application stable and battery efficient.




Liang, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Computer science

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