A Closer Look: How Elementary Principals' Perceptions About Teacher Mindset Impact Instructional Coaching

Steve B Hope, Purdue University


The main purpose of this qualitative study, completed within a framework of phenomenology, was to focus on the principal and teacher relationship as it pertains to the observation and feedback process. This study specifically looked at the perception a principal has toward a teacher's mindset and how that perception shaped the appraisal and feedback process during instructional coaching. This study used the input of two elementary school principals who, as instructional leaders, provided coaching to teachers. The data for this study came directly from these two instructional leaders through open-ended interviews. The two instructional leaders also checked the data and gave their own insight about the data, making it a true phenomenological study. The assertions of this study lead to direct link between a principal's perception about a teacher's growth or fixed mindset and the type of coaching and feedback that is provided to teachers. This study and any subsequent studies will help educators learn more about the importance of this principal-teacher relationship and how this relationship not only impacts instructional coaching, but in turn impacts student learning.




Hirth, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Educational leadership|Educational administration|Teacher education

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