Aero-Elastic Analysis of a Saxophone Reed

Akanksha Parmar, Purdue University


A computational model of the flow inside a saxophone mouthpiece is built using finite element analysis coupled with computation fluid dynamics to mimic the behavior of the reed in playing conditions. Most of the previous work focuses on mathematical models of steady flows or experimental models using various imaging strategies or speed and pressure gauging methods. However, these methods use the quasi-stationary approximation and fail to realize the complex interactions between the air and the structure during the dynamic flows. In this work, an effort has been made to reproduce a realistic model of a saxophone mouthpiece and a vibrating reed to study the velocity and the pressure contours inside the saxophone, and the frequency response of the reed. An Arundo Donax (giant cane) reed is used for these simulations. A bottom-up multiscale modeling of the cell wall structure in the plant stem is used to acquire the material properties of the reed. The frequency response is obtained using fluid-structure interaction formulation and is found to be in agreement with existing experimental results.




Pipes, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Aerospace engineering

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