Design of Isolated DC-DC and DC-DC-AC Converters with Reduced Number of Power Switches

Dhara I Mallik, Purdue University


There are various types of power electronic converters available in recent days. In some applications (e.g. PC power supply), it is required to supply more than one load from a single power supply. One of the main challenges while designing a power converter is to increase its efficiency especially when the number of power switches employed is relatively large. While several loads are supplied from a single source, if the power loss in the switches cannot be reduced, then the expected utilization of using a single source is not very feasible. To reduce the loss and increase efficiency, the thesis presents a novel design with reduced number of switches. The scope of this thesis is not limited to the dc-dc converter only, the converter to supply three phase ac loads from a single dc source is also presented. This discussion includes an improved fault tolerant configuration of the inverter part. The generated waveforms from the simulations are included as a demonstration of satisfactory results.




dos Santos, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Electrical engineering

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