Psychometrics Properties and Use of a Behavioral Observation Coding Tool for Human-Animal Interaction Research

Noemie A Guerin, Purdue University


The human-animal interaction research literature appears heterogeneous and is often criticized for its lack of methodological rigor. One particular area that is repeatedly pointed out as unsatisfactory is the choice and development of assessment methods. In Chapter 1 of this thesis, we review the current state of assessment in human-animal interaction research, across the three most commonly used assessment methods in the field: questionnaires, physiological measures, and behavioral observation. The lack of a standardized behavior observation tool for human-animal interaction research establishes the need for the Observation of Human-Animal Interaction Research (OHAIRE). In Chapter 2, we describe the development of the OHAIRE, and analyses of its psychometric properties. The OHAIRE demonstrates good inter-rater reliability, limited convergence validity, and a one-factor structure. In Chapter 3, we illustrate an example of the use of the OHAIRE with the reporting of the effects of a program of animal-assisted activities for children attending inclusion classrooms. Through its three chapters, this thesis aims to give a detailed presentation the Observation of Human-Animal Interaction Research, from its initial need to its development and implementation.




O'Haire, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Behavioral psychology|Quantitative psychology

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