Jobsite Behaviors of Unionized Mechanical Foremen Relative to Knowledge of the Project Budget

Zachariah Nathaniel Seibert, Purdue University


This is an exploratory study which attempted to find a relationship between knowledge of the project budget and the jobsite behaviors of unionized mechanical foremen. Literature on the topics of budget participation and participative management led the author to believe that a relationship would exist between these variables. Previously validated scales were used to measure jobsite behaviors, occupational commitment and knowledge of the project budget. Multilinear regression analysis showed no relationship between knowledge of project budget and jobsite behaviors. Minor support was revealed for the positive relationship between a foreman’s career commitment and their pace of work. Significant correlations between independent variables also revealed relationships between employee commitment to their job and employee commitment to their career as well as employee commitment to their employer and lunches with the boss.




Shaurette, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Management|Behavioral Sciences

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