Creating and Maintaining Gendered Concepts: Examining the Construction of Implicit Gender Associations in Technology and Entrepreneurship

Mandy Wheadon, Purdue University


This dissertation follows a multiple journal article format. The articles represent distinct but interrelated strands of research that examine how gendered norms, expectations and implicit associations are constructed and maintained through language, media and other sociocultural or locally-situated contextual factors. The first article is a literature review that explores technology entrepreneurship as a context with intersecting gender barriers. The second investigates stereotypical portrayals of gendered entrepreneurs in the media, and the third works to empirically deconstruct the linguistic processes that embedding masculinity as the standard in entrepreneurship. The dissertation concludes by exploring the limitations and ideological contradictions fostered by the discipline’s lack of diversity and offers suggestions for moving forward.




Duval-Couetil, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Entrepreneurship|Womens studies|Communication

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