Design of an Automobile Accelerator/Brake Pedal Robot for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Jake S Schwartz, Purdue University


This paper delves into designing an actuator system to control the accelerator and brake pedal to control the speed of an automobile. The actuator system comprises of an electric actuator that controls the accelerator pedal and a parallel linkage that controls the brake pedal. The parallel linkage is connected to the actuator such that it provides an opposite reaction to the brake pedal. This paper compares the speed control with and without the use of a parallel linkage with respect to overshoot and steady state error. A simplified actuator and car model are developed. A PID controller and a Fuzzy controller were designed, simulated, and compared in their ability to control the developed car model. Both controllers were then implemented and tested in two different cars.




Chen, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Automotive engineering|Electrical engineering

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