Quantification of Muscle Force in the Human Anconeus Using Dimensional Analysis of Surface EMG

Jacob C McGough, Purdue University


Accurately estimating the distribution of load across various musculoskeletal tissues is a challenging problem that is still the source of study for many researchers in the eld of biomechanics. One of the main limitations in the analysis of this problem is the lack of constitutive laws that accurately relate external macroscopic measurements to microscopic load distribution in vivo. This work focuses on the development of a new constitutive relationship between measurements made using surface Electromyography to muscle forces in vivo, and preliminary testing focusing on the Anconeus Muscle. Dimensional Analysis is used to evaluate the fundamental parameters that dene the relationship in order to gain a greater understanding of the underlying phenomena and obtain insight into the variation in attempts at these constitutive relationships in previous studies [1].




Nauman, Purdue University.

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