The Effect of Gait Parameters on the Perception of Personality

Santi Priya Badathala, Purdue University


As we interact more and more with virtual avatars in our everyday lives, it becomes very important to make these interactions more believable thereby enhancing the experience. Aesthetics and personality of the character play a significant role in this process. This study focuses on bringing out the personality of an avatar through its gait. While evidence exists that the gait of a character can affect the audience’s perception of the character’s personality, there have been no rules proposed as to how. In this study, six different parameters of gait were examined to see how slight changes in these parameters could help the audience perceive the character as an extrovert. A perception study was conducted with 18 stimuli videos and data was collected from 79 participants. The results of this study confirmed the effect gait could have on the perception of personality. The results further suggest that stride length and speed of the character contribute the most towards this end. In general, the audience expect extrovert characters to have faster and more exaggerated movements.




Adamo-Villani, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Cognitive psychology

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