All-Linear Phase Retrieval of Optical Frequency Combs via Electric Field Cross-Correlation

Ziyun Kong, Purdue University


Since the invention of optical frequency combs(OFCs), full optical waveform characterization has always been an important topic in ultrafast optics. Traditional measurements either provide only partial information of the waveform(auto-correlation) or require high power and low duty cycle of the waveform for nonlinear effects (FROG and SPIDER). In this thesis, we introduce an all-linear method for the phase retrieval of optical frequency combs. Through the dual-comb electric field cross-correlation between the signal comb and a pre-characterized reference comb, the beat signal is captured by real time oscilloscope in milliseconds. Post digital signal processing could retrieve phase from the sampled signal. The stability and precision of this method are discussed and phase retrieval from different combs generated through microresonators is performed.




Weiner, Purdue University.

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