Active Vibration / Noise Control of Axial Piston Machine Using Swash Plate Control

Taeho Kim, Purdue University


In this thesis, swash plate active vibration control techniques were investigated utilizing the weight-limited multi-frequency two-weight notch LMS filters to achieve swash plate vibration reduction and pump noise reduction. This research also includes direct swash plate acceleration measurements, case acceleration measurements, and simultaneous multi-position microphone measurements in the semi-anechoic chamber. Simulation studies of the high fidelity pump control system model including realistic swash plate moments are presented to demonstrate the feasibility of the swash plate active vibration control. A 75 cc/rev swash plate type axial piston pump was modified to implement a fast dynamic response pump control system which is required for canceling swash plate vibration. A high speed real-time controller was proposed and realized using NI LabView Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). Vibration and noise measurements using a tri-axial swash plate acceleration sensor, two tri-axial case acceleration sensors, and three microphones were conducted in the semi-anechoic chamber at Maha fluid power research center of Purdue University to show the influence and effectiveness of the proposed swash plate active vibration control algorithm.




Ivantysynova, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Mechanical engineering

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