Listening and Experiences of Interpersonal Transcendence

Kylie L Geiman, Purdue University


Interpersonal transcendence is a phenomenon marked by total immersion in an interaction, a deep sense of understanding, feelings of mutuality, the discovery of new insight, and playfulness. In other words, transcendent interactions are among the most compelling and memorable interactions a person experiences. This study proposes that an individual’s habitual listening disposition(s) may be related to his or her propensity to experience interpersonal transcendence. Participants (N = 300) completed a questionnaire that asked them to report on their propensity to experience transcendent interactions and to complete the Listening Styles Profile – Revised (LSP – R), the Listening Styles Inventory (LSI), and the Active Empathic Listening scale (AEL). Results show strong support correlations between Relational Listening (RL), Analytical Listening (AL), the LSI, and AEL, and experiences of transcendence. Additional relationships are also explored.




Greene, Purdue University.

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