Interface Factors that Affect Users' Trust towards Information Visualization

Liang Zhao, Purdue University


This study identifies interface factors that affect users’ trust toward information visualization. Information visualization has been widely used by companies and organizations due to its effectiveness. Meanwhile, trust plays a crucial role in the context of both interface design and information visualizations. For the purpose of building and enhancing trust between users and information visualization, it is necessary to understand what factors help people trust the information shown on interfaces. By conducting 12 interviews with professors in the STEM community, this study identified specific interface factors that affect users’ trust towards information visualization. Useful information value, clear descriptive text, and appropriate visual design of the interface can increase users’ trust towards information visualization when users form a general first impression of the visualization. Besides information value and descriptive text, useful and efficient functions such as search and filters can help increase the degree of trust. Moreover, the researcher proposed design recommendations for refining an existing information visualization platform called DIA2.




Vorvoreanu, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Design|Information science

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