Can wearable devices reduce burnout by making people aware of stress?

Rohit Mundayaliyath Mundayadan, Purdue University


Wearable fitness technology is advancing in its capabilities. Every new sensor collects new health data, and it becomes important to study how effectively this data can be utilized to help people lead healthier lives. The American Psychological Association found that Americans live with stress levels higher than what is considered healthy. Poorly managed stress can lead to burnout, which leads to unproductive workers. Burnout is known to cost businesses considerable money. The goal of this research study was to determine if burnout could be reduced through the use of a consumer wearable device along with smartphone apps that alerted wearers of their stress levels. Thirteen undergraduate students served as research subjects. They each used a wearable fitness band in conjunction with two Android mobile applications that enabled continuous stress monitoring. The data collected from the students was analyzed using a mixed methodology. The results suggested that the experiment was effective in making students more aware of their stress levels. Larger studies are recommended to determine if similar results would be realized.




Harriger, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Information Technology|Clinical psychology

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