Using academic and learning analytics to explore student success in an online graduate program in communication

Megan N Bergman, Purdue University


Fueled by the increase in data associated with the use of learning management systems, scholars and practitioners alike have been trying to explain and predict student success; yet the use of data analytic methods (academic and learning analytics) in higher education has created challenges and shortcomings for those who wish to adopt learning and academic analytics practices for their institution or program. Very little is known about either online education, particularly in the field of communication, as well as in online graduate and professional degree programs in any field from a learning and academic analytics perspective. This work reviews the literature on academic and learning analytics and related approaches, outlines the challenges regarding these approaches, articulates a working model of factors contributing to student success, outlines a methodology for analysis of data from a learning management system, application data, and final course grades. Last, this work reports and discusses the results of the analysis.




Collins, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Communication|Higher education

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