Electroactive Polymers as Sealing Devices

Brittany Ann Newell, Purdue University


Electroactive polymers are materials capable of converting electrical energy to mechanical energy and vice versa. Therefore, these materials can move when the appropriate voltage potential is applied. In this research a new electroactive polymer device was constructed from novel fluorpolymer based materials. The device was free-standing and composed of multiple layers. The actuator produced displacement in the z-direction which was 0.95 mm and the displacement in the r-direction was 0.55 mm with 5000 V and 125 µA supplied. Measured forces in the r-direction were up to 55 mN and 68 mN in the z-direction. A finite element model combining multiple physics modalities was also constructed to predict the devices movements and reaction forces. The predictive model and experimental results showed similar trends. The device and model were tested under different temperatures, sizes, thicknesses, and electrical properties. Overall, a novel electroactive polymer seal was constructed from novel materials with a new manufacturing process and construct design.^




Gary Krutz, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Agricultural engineering|Biomedical engineering|Materials science

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