Motion pipeline: searching, editing, compact representation, and synthesis

Innfarn Yoo, Purdue University


Character animation began several decades ago, and is still actively studied in various directions. There are several important challenges in character animation, including motion searching, prototyping, editing, representation, and synthesis, among others. These challenges form major operations in the creation of motion, also called a Motion Pipeline. This dissertation explores the elements of the Motion Pipeline, and proposes novel approaches. First, sketch-based motion searching and prototyping provide fast motion-searching and quick prototyping without prior knowledge of 3D animation or professional software packages. Second, retiming of motions can be achieved by novel bilateral time control surfaces (BTCSs). BTCSs allow retiming while preserving spatio-temporal correlation of joints. Lastly, compact representation of motions, and the synthesis in function space are proposed. The elements of Motion Pipeline allow for a compactness of motion representation, fast searching, quick prototyping, simple motion editing using BTCSs, and visually plausible motion synthesis.




Benes, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Computer Engineering|Computer science

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