Diversity and identification of heptageniid mayflies (Insecta: Ephemeroptera) of the world

Jeffrey M Webb, Purdue University


The purpose of the present study was to collate existing information on the mayfly family Heptageniidae in order to facilitate further studies on this speciesrich and ecologically significant group. A catalog of heptageniid taxa was compiled using nearly 700 publications. Three subfamilies, 14 tribes, 32 genera, 607 species, and 24 subspecies are recognized as valid. The number of valid names, synonyms, and combinations include 59 genus-group names, 1505 species, and 66 subspecies. Epeorus soldani Nguyen & Bae is a junior secondary homonym of Epeorus soldani (Braasch) and is herein renamed Epeorus nguyeni Webb & McCafferty. The following species are herein designated as nomina nuda: Rhithrogena carnivora Kluge; R. gunti Kluge; R. pamirica Kluge; R. californica Day; Ecdyonurus tener Braasch; E. vulgatus Braasch. The following new combinations are proposed: Afronurus separatus (Nguyen & Bae); Electrogena apicata (Braasch); Electrogena bilineata (Braasch); Electrogena pakistanica (Braasch); Electrogena signata (Braasch); Electrogena subfusca (Kimmins); Electrogena wittmeri (Braasch); Epeorus papillatus (Braasch); Epeorus suspicatus (Braasch). New name emendations include: Cinygma rubescente You; Cinygma xiasimaense You; Cinygmula sapporensis (Matsumura); Epeorus alpicola (Eaton); Epeorus sylvicola (Pictet); Rhithrogena binervis Kluge; Rhithrogena johanni Belfiore; Epeorus montanus intermedius (Brodsky); Epeorus montanus minutus (Brodsky); Epeorus montanus montanus (Brodsky); Epeorus montanus nigromaculatus (Brodsky). Illustrated keys for the larvae and males of the genera of the world, female adults of the North American genera, larvae of the species of Trichogenia Braasch & Soldán, and larvae of the eastern North American Epeorus vitreus species group were developed. The following synonymies were established: Heptagenia elegantula (Eaton, 1883)[=H. diabasia Burks, 1946]; Epeorus vitreus (Walker, 1853) [=E. rubidus Traver, 1933]; Ecdyogymnurus Kluge [=Siberionurus McCafferty]; Rhithrogena [=Himalogena Kluge.; =Sibirigena Kluge; =Tumungula Zhou & Peters]; Epeorus [=Alpiron Braasch; =Albertiron Kluge; = Caucasiron Kluge; =Proepeorus Kluge]; Compsoneuria [=Siamoneuria Braasch]. The following new taxa were described: Darthus Webb & McCafferty; Darthus vadorus Webb & McCafferty; Trichogenia ulmeri Braasch & Webb; T. hubleyi Webb & McCafferty; Heptagenia whitingi Webb & McCafferty. Previously unknown life stages were described for Epeorus aculeatus Braasch and E. punctatus (McDunnough). The relationships and status of the North American species of Heptagenia Walsh were analyzed using morphological characters and the mitochondrial gene cytochrome oxidase I.




McCafferty, Purdue University.

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