The role of attachment insecurity in preferred communication modality and relationship satisfaction of romantic relationships initiated online

Eric T Goodcase, Purdue University


The current study seeks to explore the relationships among attachment insecurity, preferred communication modality, and relationship quality for individuals who met their romantic partners online. A sample of n = 203 participants who were United States citizens; between the ages of 18-25; and met a romantic partner utilizing online dating, dating mobile web applications, social networking sites, online chatrooms, or any way of meeting utilizing technology filled out a survey via M-Turk. Structural equation modeling revealed greater attachment insecurity predicted a higher ratio of communication via technology with their partner and lower relationship quality. However, the ratio of communication via technology vs. face-to-face was not predictive of the quality of the relationship and this relationship was not moderated by geographical distance. Implications and possible explanations are discussed.




Nalbone, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Social research|Behavioral psychology|Counseling Psychology|Web Studies

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