Zigbee based wireless adjustable speed drive system

Prajakta S Moghe, Purdue University


This thesis proposes a remotely controlled motor drive system which is able to supply a regulated voltage for both DC and AC motors. The proposed system integrates two different technologies, each of which belongs to the field of wireless communications and semiconductor power electronics. The introduction highlights the literature review and technical contributions in these two electrical engineering fields. The pulse width modulated control algorithm for speed control is discussed in detail. Incorporating the zigbee wireless technology into the motor drive system, for the speed control of an AC and a DC motor, by implementing digital pulse width modulation technique is the aim of this thesis. The main characteristics of the proposed system are: 1) its universal feature since it can feed either DC or AC motor without changing the hardware, 2) remotely controlled, which allows the end-user to control the motor speed safely from a remote distance, 3) flexibility in installation of the motor drives in areas that are not easily accessible by end-users, and 4) uninterrupted speed control for distance of up to few 100 feet.




Dos Santos, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Electrical engineering

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