Magnetic equivalent circuit based permanent magnet characterization

Vinicius Cabral do Nascimento, Purdue University


This thesis sets forth a permanent magnet characterization fixture and procedure. The work begins with a review of the state of the art in permanent magnet characterization. It then sets forth a new characterization fixture. The proposed system relies on the use of low cost sensors to perform the necessary measurements, which consists of search coils, hall sensors, and current probes. A magnetic equivalent circuit is set forth to analyze the fixture and for use in identification of permanent magnet parameters. The characterization procedure is based on an experimentally defined magnetic equivalent circuit. An experimental approach to model the tester is also described. This research assesses uncertainties associated with the indirect measurement of flux, and the use of magnetic equivalent circuits to estimate the parameters of a permanent magnet. A finite element analysis based model explores the performance of the proposed method. Finally the use of the fixture to characterize an actual sample is demonstrated.




Sudhoff, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Electrical engineering

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