Bilateral and adaptive loop filter implementations in 3D-high efficiency video coding standard

Delaram Amiri, Purdue University


In this thesis, we describe a different implementation for in loop filtering method for 3D-HEVC. First we propose the use of adaptive loop filtering (ALF) technique for 3D-HEVC standard in-loop filtering. This filter uses Wiener-based method to minimize the Mean Squared Error between filtered pixel and original pixels. The performance of adaptive loop filter in picture based level is evaluated. Results show up to of 0.2 dB PSNR improvement in Luminance component for the texture and 2.1 dB for the depth. In addition, we obtain up to 0.1 dB improvement in Chrominance component for the texture view after applying this filter in picture based filtering. Moreover, a design of an in-loop filtering with Fast Bilateral Filter for 3D-HEVC standard is proposed. Bilateral filter is a filter that smoothes an image while preserving strong edges and it can remove the artifacts in an image. Performance of the bilateral filter in picture based level for 3D-HEVC is evaluated. Test model HTM- 6.2 is used to demonstrate the results. Results show up to of 20 percent of reduction in processing time of 3D-HEVC with less than affecting PSNR of the encoded 3D video using Fast Bilateral Filter.




El-Sharkawy, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Electrical engineering

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