Visualization of Liquidus Surfaces of Ternary Phase Diagrams Using Mobile Applications and 3D Printed Models

Huanan Shen, Purdue University


Visualization of the ternary phase diagrams are an ongoing endeavor at Purdue University Calumet. In this work, the visualization efforts are extended to mobile applications and physical models made by 3D printing. Visualizations focused on the liquidus surfaces of ternary alloy phase diagrams. To generate these surfaces an interpolation method, based on Ternplot code, was used. These surfaces can then be visualized in a number of ways on mobile devices. The mobile device can view the surfaces through a web application which allows them to be rotatable. An augmented reality app allows another type of 3D visualization. In addition to the mobile applications, 3D printing produced physical models which are easy to manipulate. To demonstrate these methods of visualization, six ternary alloys were selected: Cu-Sn-Pb, Cu-Sn-Ag, Ag-Sn-Sb, Sb-Sn-Pb, Pb-Sn-Bi, and Bi-Sn-Sb. These alloys form a hexagonal carousel with Sn being the central connecting element.




Abramowitz, Purdue University.

Subject Area

Materials science

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