This site provides supplementary material connected with the book Demolition: Practices, Technology, and Management by Richard J. Diven and Mark Shaurette (ISBN 978-1-55753-567-2) published in 2010 by Purdue University Press and created in partnership with the National Demolition Association. The book is available from Amazon and other good booksellers.

The spreadsheets below appear in print form in Chapter 6 and are provided in Excel format on this site for the benefit of students wishing to explore their use dynamically.

Tables 6.03, 6.04, 6.05 and 6.06 provide samples of calculations for various major types of materials typically encountered in demolition work.

Table 6.07 is a system of calculating a unit price for a particular task. In this case, the calculations are for the cost per cubic yard of demolishing low-rise concrete structures above grade.

Table 6.08 is a cost summary for a typical demolition project. The quantities have been calculated using spreadsheets similar to those shown in Tables 6.03 through Table 6.06 and the unit costs have been developed using Table 6.07.

These materials are (c) Richard J. Diven and Mark Shaurette and are intended for educational use only.


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Table 6.03, Mark E. Shaurette


Table 6.04, Mark E. Shaurette


Table 6.05, Mark E. Shaurette


Table 6.06, Mark E. Shaurette


Table 6.07, Mark E. Shaurette


Table 6.08, Mark E. Shaurette