The DataONE project is a NSF funded datanet project aimed at sustainable digital data preservation for biological, ecological, and environmental datasets. DataONE seeks to enable universal access to data about life on earth and the environment that sustains it. DataONE has created an architecture that enables the integration disparate data archives into an accessible collective that can be searched and used by a larger number of interested scientists, policymakers, educators, and other stakeholders for better research, discovery, and decisions. In addition, DataONE seeks to enhance the ability for workflows to use archived data as well as facilitating data synthesis and re-use. In this presentation, we will discuss goals, challenges, and proposed solutions that the DataONE project team is undertaking in these general areas. We will discuss the proposed architecture, community assessment and engagement efforts. We will also give a progress update and in particular discuss the proposed software V.1.0 functionality. Finally, we will present information about a pilot science case study that help provide information about bird migration patterns and was featured in the 2011 State of the Birds report.


data management, data preservation, data repositories, community engagement, sustainability

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