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The Interviewer’s Manual provides the framework for the interview. It contains text and questions to be read to the participating researcher over the course of the interview.

It is meant to be used in conjunction with the Interview Worksheet. The Interview Worksheet should be given to the interviewee to fill out over the course of the interview. Some of the questions you will ask will be in response to the answers given by the researcher in the Interview Worksheet.

To aid in the readability of this document during the interview the font has been enlarged.

The instructions to the interviewer are colored in red and are in italics.

The explanatory text that is meant to be read to the interviewee is in “quotes”.


Purdue University Libraries / Distributed Data Curation Center


Version 1.0


Based on research funded by the IMLS (LG-06-07-0032-07) “Investigating Data Curation Profiles across Research Domains” by D.S. Brandt, J. Carlson, M. Witt (Purdue University Libraries), M. Cragin, C. Palmer (GSLIS University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign).

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