A numerical study of directional solidification has been performed using a fixed-grid front- tracking algorithm. The directional solidification of pure tin, as well as the horizontal Bridgman growth of pure succinonitrile, were investigated. In both cases, the growth front was stable and nondendritic, but was significantly distorted by the influence of convection in the melt and, for the Bridgman growth case, by the translation of temperatures at the boundaries which represents furnace movement. Results obtained for the directional soli- dification of pure tin were found to agree reasonably well with experimental and numerical data for temperatures and front locations obtained from the literature. For the Bridgman growth of succinonitrile, the results were compared with detailed experimental data obtained from carefully controlled experiments, and numerical simulations reported in the literature. The predicted interface shapes and melt velocities agree well with experimental results. The predicted front locations exhibit superior agreement to the experimental data than those obtained in the literature using other numerical techniques.

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C. Y. Li, S. V. Garimella and J.E. Simpson, “A Fixed-Grid Front-Tracking Algorithm for Solidification Problems. Part I - Method and Validation,” Numerical Heat Transfer - Part B, Vol. 43, pp. 117-141, 2003.