Flow boiling in a network of heated parallel channels is prone to instabilities that can cause uneven flow distribution, thereby degrading the heat transfer performance of the system and limiting predictability. This study experimentally investigates flow maldistribution between two parallel microchannels that arises due to the Ledinegg instability. The channels are heated uniformly and are thermally isolated from each other, such that both channels are subjected to the same input power regardless of the flow distribution. The channels are hydrodynamically connected in parallel and deionized water is delivered at a constant total flow rate shared by both channels. Direct measurements of the flow rate, wall temperature, and pressure drop in individual channels are performed simultaneously with flow visualization. At low power levels, when both channels remain in the single-phase liquid regime, the flow is evenly distributed between the channels and they attain the same wall temperature. As the power is increased, boiling incipience in one of the channels triggers the Ledinegg instability, which causes the flow to become maldistributed and induces a temperature difference between the channels. The severity of flow maldistribution, as well as the temperature difference between the channels, grows with increasing power. In the most extreme condition measured in this study, 96.5% of the total flow rate is directed to the channel operating in the single-phase liquid regime, while the boiling channel is starved and receives just 3.5% of the flow. The quantitative account of the flow maldistribution and temperature non-uniformity presented here provides a mechanistic understanding of the effects of Ledinegg instability-induced flow maldistribution on the heat transfer characteristics of thermally isolated parallel microchannels


Flow boiling flow maldistribution, Ledinegg instability, microchannels two-phase flow

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A. Miglani, J. A. Weibel, and S. V. Garimella, Measurement of flow maldistribution induced by the Ledinegg instability during boiling in thermally isolated parallel microchannels, International Journal of Multiphase Flow, Vol. 139, 103644, 2021.