The constriction resistance of a semi-infinite cylinder terminating in the frustum of a cone in a gaseous environment is analyzed numerically. The variation of constriction resistance with the ratio of contact radius to cylinder radius, the cone angle, and the gas-to-substrate thermal conductivity ratio is investigated. Nonlinear curve fitting is used to develop a comprehensive predictive correlation for the constriction resistance as a function of these parameters. The parameters are investigated over a wide range of values covering the range expected in practical applications. The correlation could be used in conjunction with an appropriate surface deformation model to predict the thermal contact resistance between rough metallic surfaces.

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A. F. Black, V. Singhal and S. V. Garimella, “Analysis and Prediction of Constriction Resistance for Contact Between Rough Engineering Surfaces,” AIAA Journal of Thermophysics and Heat Transfer, Vol. 18(1), pp. 30-36, 2004.