Thermal Challenges in Next Generation ElectronicSystems- Summary of Panel Presentations andDiscussions


The presentations made, as well as the discussions, in the panels at the workshop, Thermal Challenges in Next Generation Electronic Systems (THERMES), are summarized in this paper. The panels dealt with diverse topics including thermal management roadmaps, microscale cooling systems, numerical modeling from the component to system levels, hardware for future high performance and internet computing architectures, and transport issues in the manufacturing of electronic packages. The focus of the panels was to identify barriers to further progress in each area that require the attention of the research community.

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S. V. Garimella, Y. K. Joshi, A. Bar-Cohen, R. Mahajan, K. C. Toh, V. P. Carey, M. Baelmans, J. Lohan, B. Sammakia, and F. Andros, “Thermal Challenges in Next Generation Electronic Systems - Summary of Panel Presentations and Discussions,” IEEE Transactions on Components and Packaging Technologies, Vol. 25, No. 4, pp. 569-575, 2002.

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