Analysis of Gap Formation in the Casting of Energetic Materials


The problem of undesirable separation of the cast material from the mold in the casting of energetic materials is investigated. Comprehensive models are developed to simulate the heat and mass transfer processes during melt casting of energetic materials, as well as the resulting thermal stresses induced. The thermal and stress models are dynamically coupled. Predictions from the validated numerical model show excellent agreement with experimental measurements. The size and location of the separation are also predicted by the present model. Means to control and suppress separation are explored, and it is demonstrated that the separation can be controlled through proper choice of cooling conditions.

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D. Sun, S.R. Annapragada, S.V. Garimella and S.K. Singh, “Analysis of Gap Formation in the Casting of Energetic Materials,” Numerical Heat Transfer, Part A Vol. 51, pp. 415-444, 2007.

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