Heat Transfer and Flow Fields in Confined Jet Impingement


Confined jet impingement of air and different liquids is reviewed. The influence of confinement on the heat transfer and fluid mechanics of governing parameters such as jet diameter and geometry, Reynolds number, jet-to-target separation distance, exit velocity profile and turbulence levels, fluid properties, and target size is discussed. This review deals primarily with turbulent jets. Single- and multiple-jet impingement are considered, including predictive correlations for stagnation-point and area-averaged heat transfer. The velocity and turbulence fields in confined jet impingement are also described, with particular reference to their effect on the heat transfer obtained. The important role of flow visualization in understanding confined flow fields is demonstrated. Augmentation of jet impingement heat transfer by employing surface enhancements is also considered. The review includes discussions of numerical modeling efforts.

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S. V. Garimella, “Heat Transfer and Flow Fields in Confined Jet Impingement,” Chapter 7, Annual Rev iew of Heat Transfer, Vol. XI, pp. 413-494, 2000.

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