including thermal, electrical and energy management challenges, based on discussions at the 2nd Workshop on Thermal Management in Telecommunication Systems and Data Centers in Santa Clara, California, on April 25–26, 2012. The relevance of thermal management in electronic systems is reviewed against the background of the energy usage of the information technology (IT) industry, encompassing perspectives of different sectors of the industry. The underlying drivers for progress at the business and technology levels are identified. The technological challenges are reviewed in two main categories – immediate needs and future needs. Enabling cooling techniques that are currently under development are also discussed.


Electronics cooling; 3D chip packaging; Power utilization effectiveness; Total cost of ownership; Cloud computing; Alternative air movers; Liquid cooling

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S.V. Garimella, T. Persoons, J. Weibel, L.-T. Yeh, “Technological Drivers in Data Centers and Telecom Systems: Multiscale Thermal, Electrical, and Energy Management,” Applied Energy, Vol. 107, pp. 66-80, 2013.