Temperature measurements near the contact line of an evaporating meniscus V-groove


Evaporation from a meniscus of heptane liquid in a V-groove geometry is experimentally investigated. A thin layer of titanium coated on the backside of the fused quartz groove is electrically heated to provide a constant heat flux. The temperature profile in the evaporating thin film region of the extended meniscus is measured using high-resolution infrared thermography and the temperature suppression in this region is obtained as a function of liquid feeding rate. The meniscus shape is captured using a goniometer. A temperature suppression of ~0.2 K in the 150 micrometers region surrounding the contact line on each side indicates the efficacy of evaporation in the extended meniscus. At a given axial location, the fraction of total meniscus heat transfer which takes place in a 50 micrometer sub-region measured from the contact line is estimated by an approximate heat balance analysis to be ~45% for the range of liquid feeding rates explored.


Evaporation, thin liquid film, V-groove, temperature dip

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C. P. Migliaccio, H. K. Dhavaleswarapu and S. V. Garimella, “Temperature Measurements near the Contact Line of an Evaporating Meniscus in a V-Groove,” International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol. 54, pp. 1520-1526, 2011

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