Microscale Thermal Transport and Electromechanical Microfluidic Actuation


This paper summarizes recent advances in fundamental research on microscale thermal transport in phase-change processes and developments in novel microfluidic actuation methods using electromechanical effects. The research topics covered include thin-film transport, pool boiling heat transfer enhancement, convective flow boiling in microchannels, microscale ionic winds, micropumping using electrohydrodynamic effects including ion induction and dielectrophoresis, and electrowetting-based control of liquid droplet motion. Progress in microscale flow characterization and non-intrusive temperature measurement is also discussed.

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S.V. Garimella and D. Liu, "Microscale Thermal Transport and Electromechanical Microfluidic Actuation," Journal of Enhanced Heat Transfer, Vol. 16(3), pp. 237-266, 2009.

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