Optimizaion of Electrostatically Actuated Miniature Compressors for Electronics Cooling


This paper explores the feasibility of using electrostatically actuated diaphragm compressors in a miniature-scale refrigeration system for electronics cooling. A previously developed experimentally validated analytical model for the diaphragm compressor is used in conjunction with an optimization approach to determine the required dimensions for the compressor. The analysis reveals that the pressure rise and volume flow rate required for the electronics cooling application are not achieved using a single compressor because of material property limitations. A three-dimensional array of compressors is proposed instead with which the cooling requirements and the size restrictions for electronics cooling applications may be simultaneously satisfied.

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A.A. Sathe, E.A. Groll and S.V. Garimella, "Optimization of Electrostatically Actuated Miniature Compressors for Electronics Cooling," International Journal of refrigeration, Vol. 32, pp. 1517-1525, 2009.

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