Sadashivam Rao


In his paper "An Analysis of Websites of Bi-national Heterosexual Couples," Sadashivam Rao discusses the design of world wide web homepages of bi-national couples. Rao shows how such websites become locations of the re-invention of notions of culture, generating a particular practice of representation, namely that of "hyphenating." Rao contends that the subjects of personal homepages enter the domain of the internet as entities already embedded in many other domains of discourse such as those of nationalism, culture, and media. Further, Rao proposes that this specific genre of websites reflects traces of these discourses. Of course, in the process of the website design itself, the artefacts used undergo changes in that they might be transformed or combined together to derive new forms or generate new meanings. In this manner, the world wide web becomes an arena for the expression, reification, and recreation of already existing discourses.