New Perspectives on the Female Fantastic


In her "Deconstructing Feminine and Feminine Fantastic through the Study of Living Dolls," Raquel Velázquez analyzes the treatment of one idiosyncratic image within the fantastic genre, and one that also has a special impact on the configuration of the feminine: the doll. On the one hand, she examines the evolution of this fantastic motif in order to determine whether it involves a transformation of how the feminine fantastic is represented. On the other hand, she establishes some correlations between the image of the fantastic doll, and the development of processes such as the dollification of women or the humanization of the doll as it is identified in contemporary society. This is seen as an exemplification of how both the alleged feminine fantastic (which is questioned here), and the feminist fantastic adjust, alter, or adapt, in the same way as the society in which it is contextualized or integrated.