New Perspectives on the Female Fantastic


Teresa López-Pellisa’s article “The Inappropriate/d Fantastic: A Proposal Beyond Feminism” discusses a type of narration that goes beyond the feminist fantastic. These are fantastic texts permeated not only by a feminist discourse, but by intersectionality, transfeminism, ecofeminism, cyberfeminism, post-humanism, xenofeminism and/or necropolitics as well. Borrowing the term inappropriate/d others from Donna Haraway (The Promises of Monsters), who in turn takes it from the feminist theorist Trinh Minh-ha, we can analyze those fantastic stories that call into question the categories of gender, class, race and sexuality established by Western enlightened humanism. These types of non-mimetic narrations have a clear subversive component and are led by dissident beings and attitudes presented from that “other space” or from beyond. In using this concept, this paper refers to those manifestations of the fantastic that serve as allegories or symbols of non-normative individuals who contravene the patriarchal hegemonic and heteronormative humanist system, using the subject matter of narration, the space recreated in the text or its characters.