Volume 20 (2018)

Issue 1
Issue 20.1 (March 2018)

Issue 2
Issue 20.2 (June 2018)
Thematic Issue: The One Asia Foundation and its Cooperation and Peace-Making Project
Ed. Asunción López-Varela Azcárate

Issue 3
Issue 20.3 (September 2018)
Special Issue: Rethinking Critical Theory and Maoism
Ed. Kang Liu

Issue 4
Issue 20.4 (December 2018)
Special Issue: Processes of Subjectivation: Biopolitics and the Politics of Literature
Ed. Azucena G. Blanco

Issue 5
Issue 20.5 (December 2018)
Special Issue: Life, Illness and Disabilities in Life Writing and Medical Narratives
Ed. I-Chun Wang, Jonathan Locke Hart, Cindy Chopoidalo, and David Porter

Issue 6
Issue 20.6 (December 2018)
Special Issue: Belief in Contemporary Global Capitalism
Ed. Fu-jen Chen

Issue 7
Issue 20.7 (December 2018)
Special Issue: A Critical Response to Neocolonialism
Ed.Guoqiang Qiao